Trying to create an image that has multiple links in it

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So I have this flyer that I created on Canva, and it has images and text on it, and on this flyer I reference two clickable URLs. Now I know how to make the entire flyer a clickable URL, but I need to make both URLs on the flyer clickable. So I divided the flyer into 3 sections. The top section that has most of the images and text, then a middle section that has the first URL, and says "Click Here" to access one web site, and then a bottom section that has the second URL, and also says "Click Here" to access a different web site. So my thinking is, to make the middle and bottom sections clickable URLs, that each reference a different web site, and then merge all 3 sections together vertically to make them look like a single document. So I have each of the individual sections in separate blocks, but I can't figure out how to seamlessly merge them all together? Is there a way to do what I'm trying to do here???


Hello @user430154 ,


PDFs can't be directly embedded into the email - only linked to. Only the image versions can be directly embedded into the email. You'd either need to go with the standard PDF email route of encouraging your recipients to click and view the full document, or you'd need to recreate the email in the builder.

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