Trying to login to a separate account using email

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I have been added to an admin account using the same email that I use for my own account. Every time I try to login it takes me to my personal account. What am I doing wrong?
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Hello @CariE72 ,


Is the email address the used to set you up as a new user, already being used as a username for your personal account? If so, you'd need to login to your personal account, and update their username to something different / unique. Once you've done that you should be able to access the coded link in that user invite email.


It'd also be advisable that once you've gotten your login setup for the client's account, that you update your username for that to something more unique - that way you're free to have your email address used to setup another account user login if necessary.


If you need further assistance with updating your personal accounts' username, or getting setup as a user for your client's account, I'd advise calling general support to provide the email address in question, confirm security permissions live, and work with the agent to administratively update the info.

William A
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