contacts request a change of their email

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I know I can delete the record with the old email and create a new one, but then I lose all the engagement details. Is here a was to "import" the history from the old record/email into the new record/email? It is invaluable when a contact tells you they didn't get your email and you can go in and see they not only got it, they opened it! 

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Hello @LeeAtieh ,


You can change the email address of a contact, but if there's currently a Compliance flag on it (either from a permission type, previous unsubscribe and resubscribe, or some other reason) then it might not be possible for particular contacts. In these situations the only real solution would be to add the new email as a wholly new contact, and unsubscribe the old address. You can keep the old address in your account unsubscribed for the sake of maintaining those records without paying for them, but there wouldn't be a way to import that activity over to the new email / contact. 

William A
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