need help recreating retired legacy automation

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Over the years working with Constant Contact I have created hundreds of emails, newsletters, events, landing
pages, and other marketing tools. One of those tools was a 144 consecutive week, automated marketing tip for our


As you can imagine, that took an enormous amount of time to create, and the ensuing maintenance over the
years. It is our email-capture tool to attract new clients and keep them engaged. One day last week it simply wasn't
there anymore. It disappeared. So I called Constant Contact to ask what I could be doing wrong. They explained that
their software was old and had to be updated, so that meant my 144-week marketing tool simply vanished. No
warning, no apology, no want to help me fix it. Just "It was old software, so it doesn't exist anymore. You'll have to
recreate it.


And, oh, by the way, you can't have 144 If anymore. If you recreate it, you can only have 66." I asked if
there was someone that could help me recreated it, to which the rep said, "Well, that's not going to happen."


The "help" was stunningly awful, the rep was immature and rude, to say nothing of unhelpful. When I asked his name he
said he couldn't give it to me.


What I'm asking for is help recreating what they destroyed. It would cost me hours and hours of time to do it myself, or hours and hours of money to have someone else recreate what they randomly destroyed.


Hello @PollyL0 ,


I've setup a call back case with our support call back team to reach out, gather additional info, and see what can be done to assist in recreating this longer automation. Currently they'd be reaching out to the main phone number on the account. If you need them to send to a different phone number, please reply directly to the automated @ mention email you receive from my response. If they're unable to get ahold of you after several call attempts, I've also asked that they email you to establish a line of communication. 

William A
Community & Social Media Support
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