Can I Support Multiple Businesses on a Single Constant Contact Account?

Constant Contact emails, in keeping with government regulations, require all emails to include identifying information about your business in the footer such as the business name, a physical address, and the email address it is being sent from.


Did you know? Not all businesses have a physical storefront and not all users want to provide their personal address. A P.O. Box is an accepted address to use.


While this helps legitimize your business, conform to regulation, and assist with maintaining high delivery, not all businesses operate out of a single physical address. It's possible you're a small business or nonprofit that works from multiple storefronts or offices and caters to different demographics. How do you represent all of your businesses on a single account?


The truth is that Constant Contact is designed with one business/one location in mind. If you review your account settings you’ll see you can add your identifying information so that it will auto-populate every time you create a new template. The information can still be changed manually when working on an individual template, but this would be cumbersome to update every time you start a new campaign. 


You might find this helpful: Create a reusable template


Additionally, it can get complicated to support multiple businesses/locations if you’re trying to represent them individually and cater to different contact lists. Regulatory policies such as CAN-SPAM or CASL are pretty clear about giving email recipients the ability to unsubscribe from unwanted emails. If it’s not clear to a contact which email list they are on, when they go to update their contact profile or unsubscribe, they could inadvertently unsubscribe from everything instead of a specific business and now that contact is lost to the whole account, unless they resubscribe.


In short, we do not recommend trying to support multiple businesses and/or locations in a single account.


But we do have a solution. It’s called becoming a Constant Contact Partner!


What is a Constant Contact Partnership?


The Constant Contact Partner Program offers a special suite of tools to help manage your clients or multiple businesses, especially if you plan on expanding. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for Partnerships. We cater to different business and organizational structures; such as marketing agencies, organizations with multiple departments, and franchises. However, organizations such as churches, schools, and non-profits might not be a good fit. 


Specifically, starting a partnership with Constant Contact will give you the ability to manage multiple Constant Contact accounts under one umbrella account! When you have five or more accounts under your umbrella, you are given a free Constant Contact account!

We recommend getting in touch with our awesome Partner team to learn more about how a Constant Contact Partnership could benefit your business.

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