A very high %age of bounces

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Why are there such a high percentage of bounces of my Contant Contact emails? It mostly says blocked but I never had this problem with . How can this be fixed?


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Norman Bissell

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Hello @user415769 ,


Here are some general best practices for delivery. I'd also advise going through this article that covers bounces and how best to manage them.


Delivery can have a lot of variables, from elements on our side, on your side, on the recipient's side, and in their email system company's side. It's typically best to set up additional authentication for your emails, particularly self-authentication since you have your own domain. Lacking self-authentication when you have your own domain, can result in higher numbers of bounces or spam filtering due to the nature of email security algorithms.


If you'd like to learn more about safelisting, and what it entails:

Safelisting domains in a security system

Safelisting email addresses in an email client or security system


If you're wanting more in-depth, specialized insight on your current deliverability, it'd be worth speaking with one of our Delivery agents.

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