Bounced emails of gmail and yahoo accounts

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61 % of our emails are bouncing. All those with gmail and yahoo accounts are blocked. How can we resolve this issue? Our chat and phone experiences with ConstantContact have not been helpful.


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Hello @KBaker2017 ,


If your emails are bouncing with that many blocks, then it indicates that there's an issue with the sending address. If you have your own domain (associated with your website), rather than a free email address (such as through Gmail or your internet service), I'd recommend setting up email self-authentication within your account. If all you have is a free domain, then I'd strongly recommend reaching out to our Delivery team for more specialized guidance, rather than general support.


With that many blocked bounces, it may also be an issue of your email content - such as your subject line being too long, the email itself being too long, or the email being mostly/all graphics with little to no text and other elements. Such simple aspects of an email can have significant delivery consequences with some email programs.


Beyond that, I'd also recommend looking into email address safelisting and domain safelisting if the issues persist. However speaking with the actual Delivery team should be considered before exploring this route.

William A
Community & Social Media Support