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Is there a way to upload a years worth of a daily devotional, one per day in an automated way. Each day would have different copy it it would send out one per day at the same time to the same group. Each devotional in text or word format.
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Hello @JeffF250 ,


If you're wanting to setup a year's worth of emails ahead of time, the best method would be to simply make those emails on an individual basis. If you have a website, you could simplify this by having the same email sendout each day, with a link to the singular webpage that hosts the devotionals. However that would run the risk of being getting caught up in spam filters since it would be the literal exact same email being sent every day.


Otherwise, you'll need to create individual emails, with your daily devotionals pasted into them, then schedule those for each day. You can save some time by copying each subsequent email over and over for each day, and replacing the text within as needed prior to scheduling.


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