non-existent bounces

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I am getting email addresses labeled as non-existent, when I know they are correct emails, and they exist. I also know that the are connected with coworkers, and we have a new email screening service that might be blocking our constant contact emails. how can i make sure these emails dont get labeled as non-existent, and make sure they get delivered?

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Hello @TeresaA772 ,


I'd advise reaching out to your IT to make sure our domains are getting safelisted, for your own internal systems to start with.


It would also likely help if you get your account setup for email self-authentication, based on your current domain. Sending any kind of internal comms through us without it may result in your emails being treated more harshly, since the email is actually coming from a third party (us) but claims to be coming from an internal address. Think of self-authentication as basically being a security clearance badge for your internal emails. Your IT can assist with getting your account setup for self-authentication.


If you have further questions about email authentication or self-authentication, I'd recommend speaking with our Delivery team directly.

William A
Community & Social Media Support