Ability to download multiple emails as PDFs at once

It's absurd that when you click on a campaign, it ONLY shows reporting, and you can't see the email itself unless you download it, which has to be done on a separate page for each campaign. There needs to be an easy to way download multiple (checkbox in a list/table) campaigns, in addition to showing previews of sent emails.

Campaign Expert

Ridiculous that y'all have rolled out a new interface and yet STILL, we cannot bulk download our campaigns.

It's our content. We should be able to easily obtain/download and not have to do one email at a time. Ridiculous. 

is there an update to this? when are we going to get some of this stuff fixed?

Yes, please add an option to be able to download multiple campaigns to documents/pdfs at one time.

I agree. Currently I'm going through downloading 79 emails ... one ... by ... one. It is tedious!

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