Email Event Attendees Only

It would be great following an event to be able to use the event functionality to send an email to attendees only. Currently, I can send to registrants, but if I want to send a thank you for attending, I may not want to send to all registrants as there is rarely full attendance. I know the work around is to download a list of attendees and create an email using a standard email campaign (not "events"), but that is not as convenient and does not keep metrics inside the event reporting. Thank you!


Campaign Expert

So @Caitlin_M this is one of the reasons why we are going to find an alternate to CC. These functions should be already integrated and the fact that there is no timeline, no commitment to it indicates how far behind the curve CC is. 


Communication based on registration status and/or payment status is vital...


There are a bunch of other issues that make CC not usable for events including not being able to adjust registrants and their guests before, during, or after, especially after to be accurate.


Another poor/lacking error that is big, reporting.  Printing especially!

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