Filter survey reporting by responses

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Hello, our business enjoyed using your survey feature because it provided essential insights into our ongoing operations. Part of discerning what decisions to make depended upon our ability to filter results to see how different segments responded to the questions. A lack of filtering in your new survey feels like a step backwards, even if the new template is prettier and easier to navigate. Please consider returning this important feature to your surveys. Thanks.


I also would like to see this ability come back. The solutions that you have provided a couple times in this thread are not solutions to what is being asked for. I want to be able to filter out the entire survey for only respondents who answered one question a specific way. For example, I have a satisfaction survey with 70 questions. One of the questions asks what department respondents belong to. In the old survey form, I would be able to filter out the responses for all 70 questions of the survey for only the respondents who answered administration, finance, etc to that one question. From my understanding, that is not possible in the new survey unless I export it to excel and filter out and hand tabulate myself in excel. It is very inconvenient.

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