Go back to contact view when editing

When I'm working with contacts, sometimes I need to make changes to several contacts with the same last name. In the old contacts system there was a "back" option that would allow me to return to the previous search results...it would be nice to still be able to do that instead of having to search again once I've looked at a specific contact's screen.


I agree.

You have made it much more difficult to handle my Bounces to keep my list clean. I can't figure out how to get back to the list of Bounces after clicking on an individual to determine what to do with them. Another example, of your change for the sake of change, breaking what works in order to add some other slight value. Frustrating, and time consuming!
Some of the new features of the Contacts site is workable but most of it is not. Too many extra strokes are needed to accomplish the same thing we used to be able to do with one!
I am trimming our contact list and this process is taking hours. I am reviewing each contact's history, the back arrow takes me back to the top of the alphabet rather than to the last contact file name, there's no way to isolate one letter at a time (i.e.A, B, C, etc).Tthere should be a "delete" field on each contact file's rather than all the way up on the tool bar. This is the most laborious project ever!
Brand Visionary
Dear Constant Contact, I continue to find this so-called "upgrade" of the reports/ list management incredibly slow and cumbersome with a poorly designed workflow. If I have filtered the report of a recently sent email for "undeliverables" and I then click on the link to read the record of whether that contact had received / opened emails, there is then no way to go back to the list I was working on. I click "back" in the browser and I am popped back to the top level / default of the report -- and NOT to the previous filtered report that I was reviewing. I have anywhere between 5 - 10 EXTRA clicks to get back / forth between the list level and the contact level with a VERY SLOW responding page build each time. Truly this version is a big step BACKWARDS in usability for list management. I continue to be amazed at how poorly it performs. I am so frustrated with this new version that I am now looking at other mailing services and considering switching. As painful as that would be, it may be less pain in the long run than continuing to use this version of Constant Contact. It may also be cost me less as well in monthly service fees.
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In trying to delete or up date contacts... the current process is difficult. Not easy find and have to go name by name the full list to get to the person you want. If a name... say in the S's get updated. The system pops you back to the A's instead of going forward to where you were. really need a better sorting system
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Occasionally I try to audit the Contacts list. Tonight, for example, I was exploring the Did Not Open list from my last newsletter. 1. If I see a contact needing some change, I click on the name to bring up an editing window. So far, so good. But in order to get back to where I was on the list, I have to go to the Reports page, then click the list I want, then scroll to where I had left off. 2. The list shows 100 names at a time. Add to #1 that, in order to get to a name in the second 100, I have to scroll to the bottom of the first list and click an arrow for the next 100. Then I have to scroll to find my place again. At the VERY LEAST, the button to skip to the next list should be located at the top of the list as well as the bottom. Even better would be a direct return to the name I clicked for editing, or at lest into that vicinity.
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When working with a large list, it would be most helpful to have a "BACK" button that actually takes the user back to the last location they were at. If I have a list of 2000 contacts and display 50 per page, that's 40 pages to flip through. If I'm working on page 18, click on a contact name, make a correction, then return to my list, I have to flip through 18 pages all over again to find the place I was at. I also have to scroll down to the bottom of each page in order to advance because there is not a forward (next page) option at the top of the page. This does not seem like a lot to ask (really common sense) as these very are common programming features that make software much more user friendly. Thanks for considering this much needed improvement.
It's difficult to go back to the activities list. Why don't you include a search option on main site?
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