Go back to contact view when editing

When I'm working with contacts, sometimes I need to make changes to several contacts with the same last name. In the old contacts system there was a "back" option that would allow me to return to the previous search results...it would be nice to still be able to do that instead of having to search again once I've looked at a specific contact's screen.

every time I remove a contact the screen brings me back to page on of contact list instead of the page I was on when removing the name.... very annoying. I would prefer to be directed back to the page I was on when I removed a contact because I have already gone through the previous pages.
Marketing Legend
Back button needs to be restored so we can go back to EXACTLY where we left off. Its silly to have to search for the spot we need to be at every time we leave the page.
please add a back button when you go into an individual contact so it takes you back to the right spot. At the moment when you go back in your browser it takes you back to the beginning of the list and you have to find your spot again.
Campaign Contributor
Am currently reviewing the clicks on the email I sent yesterday. After selecting and reviewing a contact (Mike Reilley), I cannot get back to the list - the windows back arrow is not functioning - just "blinks" and I remain on the screen with the basic info for Mike Reilley. This is happening on a regular basis -- e.g., sometimes the back arrow works, but most often it does not and I must start from the beginning. Very frustrating and time consuming to have to repeat functions. Again, this was NOT A PROBLEM in the "old system".
When I am deleting contacts why does it return me to the beginning of my list rather than leaving me on the page where I last deleted? Repeatedly having to scroll through contacts is NOT FUN.
Campaign Contributor
When I open a mail list report we are very interested in the "all opens" list. If I create a list of all opens and click on a names in that list when I hit the return or back button to get back the report defaults to the first page of the "unique opens" page I have to navigate back again to all opens. Every time I open a record and click back the system defaults back to the beginning of the unique opens list. We should be directed back to where I left off in the "all opens" list. Since "all opens" are important to us this is a big deal and an inconvenience navigating.
When I return to my contact list after editing a contact, I am returned to the top of the list. It would be great if I was, instead, returned to the point in the list where I was last working.
Campaign Contributor
Would be nice if when I'm on pg 2, or 3 of a list, if, instead of going back to the first page and having to click the arrow one or 2 times to return to where I was, it would go right back to where I was. Did that make sense?
I find it less user friendly and I don't like that every time I change a contact it brings me back to the beginning of the "A"s not matter where I was working. I also don't like that I cannot change the number of records I see on one page like I used to. I would at least prefer if I could pick a page instead of having to scroll through every page. Also would be helpful if the page forward was at both the top and bottom of the page like before. Sometimes, if something is working...it shouldn't be "improved".

Once I look at an individual contact, I want to be able to return to the list I was looking at; example if I pull up the undeliverable list and check one of the contacts so identified it would be a whole lot easier to manage those appearing on the undeliverable list if I could return to the list after checking on the history of the contact. I used to be able to do that under the old version!

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