Select multiple blocks to move at once

I wish there was a way to group objects in emails. I use three dividers in my campaigns to create a cool effect, but when I need to move them I have to individually move them, so if there was a way to group them and move them together that would be cool.

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Adding another vote for this feature! Just like the above commenter, our newsletter sections contain header text, body blocks, photos, and more, and it is always frustrating to me that I cannot group those together to relocate them all at once. Seems like a UI that leaves users prone to errors involving misplaced and/or orphaned elements. (e.g., Move an ad image, but the button doesn't go with it.)


I found this thread when I was searching for an option to group elements to move them. I agree with the group here. It is so frustrating to move parts one by one. We have a long Newsletter too. It would save a lot of time and frustration to group elements.


I's been several years, did this ever get worked out? I'd love to be able to group items to copy and to move. 

Yes, seriously, this would be a huge help and one way that Constant Contact lags behind other systems I use. 


Still waiting...


omg i came here in hopes that this was solved.... it takes me as long to just move things around as it does to create it from scratch. CC just add functionality... hold the shift/select and it grabs more than one thing then we can drag all together.

I'd like to see the option to multi select to duplicate items would be very beneficial. We have to create our emails in English and then copy all components again to French following that. Being able to duplicate multiple boxes would streamline the process


Agree with what has been said. This new feature would save me lots of time each newsletter.




I was wondering if it would be possible in the future to be able to select multiple items in the email builder to move them? When moving an "article module" to a different part of the email (let's just say this module is a title text block, an image, a text block, and a button. A formula I use often) it can sometimes be tedious to move each module item individually. 


My suggestion would be to be able to hold a key (like alt, command, shift, ctrl, etc.) and highlight multiple things at once, which can then be manipulated using tools the small toolbar which appears to the right when something is selected (move, duplicate, trash).


Let me know if that made any sense or if there is a method I am missing which actually allows me to do this.


Thank you very kindly!


Hi There,


It would be fantastic if you added the ability to lock a specific part of a flyer and move it all together instead of by parts.

For example, I created a flyer with an image box for 1 brand, a description box, and a link box. I wish I could lock it and then rearrange the top or bottom position of the flyer. That happens when you are building a catalog for different brands or different solutions and rearranging some parts after creating the flyer.




Have a great day!

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