How to Use a Welcome Email to Create a Great First Impression


You've heard the phrase "there's no second chance to make a first impression" right? Well, that phrase should be echoed through your email marketing, especially in your Welcome Email. Your new contact is already thinking about your business or organization when they sign up for your newsletters so it makes sense to introduce who you are while you are on their mind. 


Every Constant Contact account includes a default, mobile-responsive Welcome Email that is sent out when a contact joins your mailing list using one of our sign-up forms. But no two small businesses are the same and their Welcome Emails shouldn't look the same either! What steps can you take to create a standout Welcome Email and start an engaging relationship with your new contacts?


1. Say "Hello"!


Greet your new subscriber just like you would as if you walked up to them at your store or a meeting. A simple "Hello" or "Hi" should suffice. If your sign-up form asked for their first name, you can include that extra dose of personalization in the subject line or in the greeting


2. Provide Information


This is your place to really let new contacts know who you are and how excited you are to have them be part of your community. Briefly explain your mission or the history of your business/organization. Describe what types of emails they will receive (such as sale notifications or newsletters) and how often they will be hearing from you (Hint: check out our Knowledge Base article on the best time to send your email out based on your industry).


3. Include a Call-to-Action


Let the welcome email do the work and encourage your new contact to further engage with you by inserting a clear call-to-action! Depending on your industry, this could be a prompt to download a document that you have uploaded into your library or inserting a button with a link to schedule their next appointment. This is your last shot to direct them to take an action now rather than later. 



By using the suggestions above and customizing your default Welcome Email to match your branding, you will be ready to make yourself known to your new contacts. Have questions? Let us know! We will be happy to help.



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