Connect your Constant Contact account with Stripe


What is Stripe?

Stripe is an online payment platform. This integration helps If you're selling tickets or add-ons for an event. You can connect a Stripe account and let your registrants pay the fee with a credit or debit card or 1-click checkouts. The merchant onboarding flow with Stripe is simple, allowing you to collect payments faster. You can even choose how your charges display for your registrants on their bank statements.


Connect Stripe to your Constant Contact account 


Seamlessly sync your Stripe customers into segmented contact lists

Before you can begin syncing you contacts from Stripe to Constant Contact, your Stripe customers need to grant permission that will allow you to email them. Once you receive their permission, you can automatically sync your Stripe contacts into segmented lists based on payment activity within your account. 


Constant Contact and Stripe require that you have prior consent from your contacts before you can begin marketing to them. Read through our policy and Stripe's policy to learn more. 


How to get your contacts permission


Exclamation Point Icon Important: Stripe customers do not grant you permission to email them when they make a payment. Therefore, before you can begin marketing to them from Constant Contact, you need to get permission. Please see Stripe's policies regarding privacy and protecting personal information to learn more.


By using our integration, you can set up an "opt-in" email to automatically get permission from your past and future Stripe customers. Those contacts will then be imported. 


Note: If you choose not to send an opt-in email, new Stripe contacts will be imported directly and you will need to get permission to market to them on your own.


Boost your marketing

Now that all the nitty gritty permissions are settled, you can level up your marketing with the Stripe integration to create a customized contact segment and send automated communications. 


When importing contacts from Stripe, your Stripe contacts will be segmented into contact lists based on their payment activity. But perhaps you want to segment these contacts even further, in order to send specific, targeted messaging. You can do so by creating a custom segment of contacts.


Create personalized automated communications via email and SMS for your customers based on their actions, including welcome emails, thank you series, requests for review, and more.


Link Stripe to an event to collect payments

When linking an existing Stripe account to Constant Contact for Event payments, Stripe will create a sub-account that allows you to keep your Stripe-direct payments and other third-party payments separate from your Stripe event payments. 



This helps you manage your payments by provider since website, e-commerce, and event payment data, which is collected from different sources, are not merged under one main account. Within the Stripe dashboard, you'll notice a dropdown in the top-left. Select this dropdown in order to switch between each of these sub-accounts.

Navigate to the "Payments" step of the Events builder, click Connect in the PayPal box to link a new account or + Add another to connect an additional account.


Follow the sequential steps to properly link your Stripe payment. Abigail_S_2-1712931076864.png


Once complete, you will see that you successfully connected your account with a blue banner. You also have the option to add another, if needed. 





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