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Adding personalization inside email body

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Hi everyone, I am working on an email blast to send to donors in the Donor Perfect platform that is personalized to thank you for giving to the (Joe Sample) scholarship. Can I send an email to multiple individuals thanking them for giving to different scholarships? Or will they need to be sent one by one?.... Thanks!

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Hello @WVSOM_IT ,


Here's your options:


Option 1 - Multiple emails, each dedicated to a particular scholarship

This is the most straightforward method, but would result in more emails and lists needing to be made. You'd need to add your scholarship donor contacts into new individual lists, based on which scholarship they donated to.


Next, you'll make a thank-you email for one particular scholarship. Copy it, and change the wording, graphics, etc. to match a different scholarship. Repeat until you have an email for each scholarship. After that, schedule the emails to their corresponding list. 


Option 2 - One email with multiple dynamic blocks and other personalization. 

This is the more complex method with setup, but would make it so you'd only really need one list and email. You'd need to first make a custom field for your contacts, and probably call it something like "Scholarship Name." Then you'd need to import your contacts into a list (probably a new one dedicated to the scholarship thank you's) with that field included.


You'd next create an email, and include either subject line personalization or contact details in the body (or both) thanking them for donating to the particular scholarship.


If you intend to have detailed info about the scholarship or anything beyond just a simple thank you, this is where the dynamic content blocks would come in. You'd set up each block to only send to / display for contacts whose custom fields match the content of that dynamic block. 


William A
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