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Every time I log in, I'm treated to a screen saying it will take a few seconds to verify that I'm human. Several minutes later, I'm invited to check a box that I'm human. Sometime after that, I'm invited to log in. That necessitates my restarting my password minder which has stopped since it's been over 5 minutes since I tried to log in. Really, is this necessary? Then there is the program. I've been a customer for years and not had problems with the program just not putting up the boxes necessary to work: I highlight text, hoping to change its color or size and nothing comes up. If I want to change the background color, nothing comes up on the side either. After an interminable wait, it will come up and immediately disappear. Eventually I was able to complete my email, but it took many times longer than it used to. WHY? Please fix!
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Hi @annb. A connectivity/browser issue could be the cause of both issues you've brought up since I'm not able to replicate the behaviors on my end. I recommend reviewing our Connectivity FAQ, especially testing your browser or trying an incognito/private window. If you continue to experience loading issues, please contact our Support team who can do further troubleshooting with you.


Caitlin M.
Community Manager
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