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Whoops, I got confused by the holiday weekend and didn't post a tip on Tuesday. My apologies!


I’ve been hanging out over in the Template Feedback board providing advice on email campaigns our awesome users have shared and some advice tends to pop up again and again, namely: call(s)-to-action!


A call-to-action helps drive engagement with your email. It’s possible there are multiple calls-to-action in a single email, but usually there’s one above all the others. The longer the email, the more important it is to put the call-to-action at the top!


A button is a great way to draw attention to your call-to-action. We’ve recently made some great enhancements to how buttons can be customized, giving you more control over the look and feel of the buttons in your email.


The new customization options include:


  • Change border color, width, and radius (to create rounded corners)
  • Vertical and horizontal padding
  • Vertical and horizontal margins
  • Adjust buttons to fit the full width of the email


Learn more about the new button customization options and how to apply them.


What should your button say, though? Here are some examples I pulled from the KB article above you might find useful:


  • Buy it now
  • Shop the sale
  • Get your own
  • Sign up
  • Download
  • Donate today
  • Support our cause
  • Reserve your seat
  • Register today
  • Discover
  • Explore
  • Check out the deals
  • Find yours
  • Learn more
  • See details
  • Take a look
  • Try it yourself
  • Please RSVP


Have you utilized buttons in your emails? What are some examples of call-to-action text that you’ve used and found success with?

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