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How to exclude contacts from a campaign?


Segmentation is an important aspect of making sure the right contacts are getting the right communications and/or promotions. Constant Contact offers a few different ways to segment your contacts, but let's focus on tags in this article.


What is a tag?


Tags are labels you can add to contacts.


What are examples of tags?


narrow-recipients-by-tag-overlay (1).pngThe possibilities are endless and based on the needs of your communication, but let's say you're a restaurant or food prep service and you want to send to your general interest and corporate catering lists, but only to those contacts who had previously identified themselves as vegetarian. Vegetarian, in this case, would be the tag! Alternatively, maybe you have Carnivore or Omnivore as other tags.


Another example: You handle email communications for a high school. You have one list called Parents, but you only want to target the parents of sophomores. Sophomores is the tag! You would have the different grades broken into tags: Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior.


You might have contacts on separate lists that nonetheless might have some shared commonality between them that you might occasionally want to highlight (or exclude) when scheduling an email. Tags accomplish this!


Okay, but how do I do this?


Fear not, our trusty Knowledge Base has an article that will walk you through how to filter your contacts by tags when sending an email.



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