Event beta doesn't connect to Tockify

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I have used CC for years together with my Tockify calendar platform and when I created an event it was always posted at the top of my calendar but with this new event beta version (which I already hate) it doesn't connect. Does anybody else use the Tockify calendar editor and are you having the same problem? I am confident it's a problem with CC since my other event is posted correctly but it was added before this beta version was launched. And why doesn't CC offer a choice to use the standard or try beta? VERY frustrating. Thanks to anyone who can help.

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Hello @CarolA515 ,


Can you elaborate on how the legacy events were added to this third-party developed Tockify program? Based on your description, it sounds like something that was automatically pulled as part of an integration. If that's the case, it's something they'd need to work to address as we have no officially developed integrations with Tockify, and no way of troubleshooting how it pulls info from your Constant Contact account into its system.

William A
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