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I am used to creating events in the Legacy system. I had to use the new system since our events are happening in Sept and October. I have had registrants register and want to share with the team. I have learned that there is no way to set up notifications when someone registers, so I resigned myself to having to send Excel Reports to the team. Unfortunately, a "full report" isn't full - and there is no way to customize the report. A report provides none of the details my team members need to know to carry out their responsibilities. It appears to me that I have to click on EACH registrant for their details to pop us - and not even pop up in a way for me to copy and paste. I think this means I have to take a photo or screenshot of each. This is going to take me forever. Please tell me I am missing something and help me understand what I can do! Thanks!
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Hi @AnnMarieML_IDAGA. What information was missing from the full report? I did a full export of one of your events and all of the registrants' information is showing. I had to scroll over to find some of the fields. 


You can create a custom report from the Exports tab under the event but it only includes a few fields. There are plans to expand this reporting to include other fields but we don't have a date as to when this will be released.


Caitlin M.
Community Manager
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Thank you!  I see now Full Report --- and see to view all that information, I need to scroll very far to the right.
I saw yesterday that CC is saying we will soon be losing access totally to Legacy. It's a shame that CC doesn't provide estimated roll out dates for features.  I also wish CC would not ask us to migrate over from Legacy without having everything ready with the new version. 
Email 3/1/24: 

"On April 1, 2024, our original events tool will no longer be active. We recommend that you migrate to our new Events 2.0 tool before April 1. ... "    "All events left in the original tool after April 1 will have read-only capabilities, with only the ability to export historical events data."


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