Google Tag Manager Duplicate Triggers On Form Submit Button Click

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I have Google Tag Manager with Google Analytics set up on my page with the Constant Contact sign-up form and for some reason whenever I click the "Sign Up!" button, it registers as 2 clicks instead of one if there are error messages (it registers as only 1 trigger if the form goes through successfully). This happens whether the button is identified by class or text content. Does Constant Contact run code that registers an extra click if form submission fails?


Thank you for taking the time to consider my question.

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Hello @OritH5 ,


This is an interesting one. I reached out to my higher level technical team, and they're wanting to dig a little deeper into the issue. They're going to do a little more research on this issue, and then follow up within the next 4 business days for additional troubleshooting and insight.

William A
Community & Social Media Support
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Hello! Has there been any follow-up on this issue?

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I don' t know why you're getting 2 clicks, but maybe you want to try tracking the "success" message visibility instead of the click. I posted an overly complicated GTM tag explanation here. It's complicated because I want to know the Form ID in addition to the click.

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