I cannot get paypal to connect to my event

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Hello I'm new here, I'm pretty tech savvy, but the paypal connection to my event page was weird.. the pop up said it didn't connect , yet when I clicked it away, the page behind it said it was connected.. but when I go to the event page and click the button the page that pops up and says "This event is unavailable. For details, please reach out to the event organizer. " I'm not sure what to do. I'm running out of time to get this event page up!
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Hello @SherriWestfall ,


I checked your events, and your PayPal is connected, however they're all in Draft so they wouldn't be available to view at all. You need to activate your event and have a ticket available for a registrant to select, in order for the registration page to show. If you activate an event, but no tickets are live yet, then the registration page will be unavailable until at least one of those tickets activates. 

William A
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