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I would like to hire an outside designer to create an email template for me for Constant Contact without me giving them my CC credentials. 


Is there a mechanism whereby someone can create a template in their own account and transfer it to mine?


Thank you,


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Hello @RichardS296 ,


If they have the email's HTML coding, and you have knowledge of HTML coding to complete it once plugged into your account, you could utilize the custom code editor. Otherwise, you'd either need to pay for a campaign transfer from their account to yours through our phone support, or you'd need to add them as a user to your account (if your plan type allows) to build the email.

William A
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Hi @RichardS296,


I am going to mention a few of our skilled partners, referred to as Community Coaches. They possess years of expertise in crafting tailored email templates. You may want to consider reaching out to one of our skilled partners. They have decades of knowledge in designing customized email templates.



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Thank you @Chris-S 


@RichardS296 at Solutions for Growth, we've been managing clients' Constant Contact accounts for over 14 years, so we know a thing or two about the system. Although it's possible to load html code, I would advise not going that route. Once in place, you'll likely want to make edits, and then the process needs to be done all over again (html coding, loading, testing, etc.). 

When we design a custom template for clients, it's a far more easy and less costly process. Over time, you can then easily edit the template without having to deal with coding. In most cases, we also manage client accounts, so we take care of the whole process.

Finally, by going the html route, there is a higher chance that the design may encounter display issues driven by the hardware and software people use.

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David Fischer, Solutions for Growth

David Fischer

Solutions for Growth

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To piggyback on David's comment, when you work with a Certified Partner like those of us tagged by Chris, we access your account through our partner portal. So we don't know or use your login credentials, and you can boot us from your account anytime you want! :smileyface: Any of us would be happy to create a reusable template for your email campaigns. 

Tracey Lee Davis

ZingPop Social Media

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Note: I am not a Constant Contact employee.

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