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I would also like an answer to this question. We purchased a domain name to re-direct to the CC landing page that we built, and for the SSL Certificate, it is asking for the "CSR from Web Host" in order to resolve the SSL Certificate.  In this case, constant contact is the "web host" and i have no idea where to get this CSR information.


Here is what is being asked:

SSL Certificates Submit Certificate Validation Information

Provide CSR
A Certificate Signing Request (CSR) is a body of text containing encoded information specific to your domain name or organization. You can get your CSR from your Web hosting provider and then paste it into the box below. If you do not know your Web host server software, please contact your hosting provider, or select 'other' from the drop-down list.


We will decode your CSR information and you will be given the opportunity to confirm and/or update your information before submitting for validation.

Please note: The minimum key size for all SSL Certificates is 2048 bits.

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Hello @Marisa_M ,


After speaking with our higher level technical team and Compliance team, we're honestly not sure what additional information your domain is really wanting that shouldn't already be part of the landing page's standard security stuff. Compliance suggested that if you're needing info besides what should already be included, to refer to our Information Security Policy, and to reach out to the security team via that address at the bottom if you need anything beyond that. Otherwise we don't really have any other info on what your domain or domain's provider is asking for.

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The problem is that the SSL certificate we purchased for our re-direct domain name can't be validated because we can't get this info from CC for the landing page.



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