Retrieving Missed Submissions from Gravity Forms During Connection Downtime

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Hello Constant Contact Community,


I hope you can help with an issue we're facing. We recently discovered that the connection between our Gravity Forms on our website and Constant Contact was broken for a period of time. During this downtime, we had multiple form submissions that did not get added to our Constant Contact list.


Could anyone please advise on how we can retrieve all the submissions that occurred during the time when the connection was down and ensure they are correctly added to our Constant Contact list?


Thank you in advance for your assistance!


Best regards,

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Hello @user467266 ,


Most form systems like that should still maintain a list of the contacts somewhere as a database you can access, typically on your site builder, or in the integration management. From there you should be able to export a file of the contacts' info, which you can then import into your Constant Contact account's Contacts


See also:

Formatting contact files for import

William A
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