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Good morning. We are a very small nonprofit (2 full-time staff) that relies on year-end giving for funding. One of our year-end campaign emails is stuck in "sending" - having sent to only 720 of our 1900+ list. I talked to someone on the phone with Constant Contact yesterday who said that it would send out in a few days. I told her that could not happen - the email is a request for donations prior to January 1 with the incentive of getting a tax benefit. Sending it after January 1 doesn't make sense and it hurts the credibility of our organization. She said she would check with the tech team about stopping the email from continuing to send and that they would be in touch via email. I haven't received any emails and was unaware that Constant Contact direct support was closed on Sundays. They will also be closed for New Year's Day tomorrow. I'm considering just cancelling our subscription to stop the email from sending and creating a new account, but I'm not sure that would even work. Has anyone experienced this before and what was the solution if so? Is there anything I can do on my end? Thank you!
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Hello @ThePCW ,


The case is already with the higher level support team, but the earliest they'll be able to address this would be Tuesday because of the holiday weekend. There's nothing else to be done on your end at this time.


With that said, I'm looking at the emails noted in the call case, and they've already sent out since winners were declared. Based on that, there wouldn't be anything to cancel at this point. If you check the reporting for those Subject AB emails, they're all in Sent status, meaning they finished this morning, shortly after you posted here and emailed us.

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