adding webinar link to reminder email in my event

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I am still getting used to the new event 2.0 platform.  We use it to promote and do registrations for our virtual training events.   I really like the synced blocks but appears to me that one is missing.  I send an email the day before and hour before our event to all registrants using the email template.  Unfortunately, the synced block for location says the event is virtual and includes standard language staying you will receive the URL in your confirmation message.  That is fine when we are promoting the event.  But by this point, I am sending an email right before the event to reminder all registrants.  I would like the location block (or a different one) which shows the link to the actual webinar, not the link to the event (which is the registration page).  The only way I can do this now is to insert a blank text box and add it manually.  The webinar link is listed in the event information pages so it seems like this could be another synced block, the 'location' link rather than the registration link.  What am I missing? Thanks


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Hello @KellyW39 ,


While the event block is good for including the basics of the event's details for registration, if your goal is to have a final reminder with the event's location included, you may want to make some edits or simply exclude the default event block. 


While editing the email you want to send out to registrants an hour prior, you can edit and remove the location portion of the event block, and then add a text or button block with the link for the event's location (website). Otherwise, you can also just delete the event block altogether, and simply use a regular text block, a button, etc. for linking to the event's site.

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