#27 – Cybersecurity for Small Business Owners With Sam Silberman


Small businesses face plenty of challenges, but Sam Silberman, Constant Contact’s Director of Security Operations, wants to make sure that getting hacked or phished isn’t one of them. 
In this episode of Be a Marketer, Sam joins host Dave Charest, Director of Small Business Success at Constant Contact, to help small business owners stay safe in an increasingly dangerous digital world. 
Sam has spent over 13 years protecting Constant Contact and its customers against bad actors. He knows that small business owners have enough to worry about without adding complicated cybersecurity procedures to the mix. 
Tune in to hear Sam’s simple recommendations for protecting yourself and your business against hackers and phishers — no IT expertise required. 
Meet Today’s Guest: Sam Silberman of Constant Contact
What he does: Sam is Constant Contact’s Director of Security Operations. Sam and his team protect Constant Contact from hackers and bad actors who try to abuse the system by sending spam from customer accounts. 
💡 Key quote: “We all get tricked. I get tricked. We’re all susceptible to this — it’s our human nature.” 

👋 Where to find Constant Contact: Website | LinkedIn | Facebook | Instagram

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