#57 - Ask Dave: How can I get informed of people who signed up for my list?


Do you want to know when someone signs up for your email list? On this episode, Dave Charest, director of small business success at Constant Contact, and Kelsi Carter, the team’s brand production coordinator, talk you through it.
This week on the Be A Marketer podcast, learn how to be notified when someone subscribes to your email list so you can keep track of your list's growth. Also, Kelsi shares some exciting news about how she’s going to be a duck mom of three. 

Listen in to hear how to: 
  • Use the Constant Contact mobile app to create emails, social posts, manage your contacts, and track new subscribers.
  • Check your Constant Contact reports to see how well your list is growing and where people are coming from, providing insight as to how you can make improvements moving forward.
  • Set up email notifications for new contacts and unsubscribes to focus on your contact list growth. 

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