#59 - Ask Dave: How do nonprofits benefit from SMS marketing?


Are you part of a nonprofit and want to use SMS but aren’t sure how or even if it would be beneficial for your organization? On this episode, Dave Charest, director of small business success at Constant Contact, and Kelsi Carter, the team’s brand production coordinator, talk you through it.

Listen in to hear how to:
  • Maximize Event Attendance: Learn how you can boost event attendance through SMS reminders, like Nicholas at the Parsippany Library.
  • Provide Timely Updates for All Audiences:  Delivering timely and relevant information via SMS to various stakeholders such as volunteers, donors, the community, vendors, etc. is a powerful tool.
  • Engage with SMS: Delve into the different strategies for using SMS marketing, from recruiting volunteers, coordinating volunteer activities, engaging members, and sending renewal reminders to educational outreach. 
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