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Did you know that within your account you have the ability to print email statistics for each individually sent email? Well there is! Read on and I’ll show you how easy it is to get that information.


  • Click on the Campaigns image on the left nav bar

    tk campaigns.jpg
  • Click on the name of your Sent Email
  • At the top of the next page, you will see the banner with your Email Stats & click on Printable Version

    Printable Version.png

  • You will then receive an additional window popup with the Email Statistics which include:

    email stats printable.png

  • At the top right and bottom right, you will see the Print Report link > click that to print this information


And that’s how easy it is to view and print your email statistics! If you have any questions let us know!

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You’ve sent out your Campaign and you want to know how it performed. You head on over to the Reports section to see how many people have opened your emails. Then you see this Clicks section. And then you think “What is the difference between opens and clicks?” Don’t fret, you are not alone. We hear this question all the time. It will surprise you how simple the answer truly is.


Opens are defined as the contacts that open your campaign. You have Unique Opens which will show you the individual contacts that have opened your email. Then you have All Opens which will show you how many times those unique individuals opened the campaign. For example, Matt Smith could have opened your campaign 4 times. Opens are when the person pulls up the email. This could be in preview, open fully, you could scan past it in your inbox and it’s loaded for a fraction of a second, when you view it on your mobile. As long as you have images enabled, we count any view as an open. Read more about Opens here.


Clicks are when someone takes an action within your campaign. This is when someone clicks on a link. We will show you 3 separate reports: Click-through rate, Unique clicks, All clicks. Your Click-through rate is the percentage of how many of your contacts that opened also clicked on a link. Unique clicks are  the individuals who clicked a link. All clicks are the cumulative of how many times a link was clicked on.


And that’s the difference between opens and clicks. Now log into your account and take a look at your Reports to see how you’re doing with opens and clicks!


If you have any questions let us know!

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You’ve created a Poll and sent it out to your audience. Or maybe you are thinking about creating a Poll. Either way, you are looking for measurable results. But what kinds of results or reports are available? Well, read on and all shall be revealed!


  • First, let’s go pull up your Poll by clicking on Campaigns on the left sidebar

tk campaigns.jpg







  • Click on either the name of your poll on the right

tk poll.png


  • Or click on Feedback and Surveys on the left under Activity Type  > then click on the name of  your Poll


tk survey activity type.png


  • Next you can click on either Poll Results at the top left


tk poll results.png


  • Or you can click on the number in the Poll Responses box


tk poll responses.png


  • This will open up the Poll Results so that you can see how many responses you received for each item on the poll, as well as the Response Ratio.


tk poll detailed responses.png

Just as the poll is quick to create and send out, the responses are very easy to read. How many people took the poll and how did they respond are the results you are going to see. If you’re looking for more detailed responses, you might want to try creating a one-question Survey. But if what you’re looking for is quick results, the poll is the way to go!


So Log In to your account now and start sending out the poll you want to receive the results you need!


Does your account look or sound different from the Instructions above? If so, check out our post in Using Standalone Products Survey Board.


Did you know that with our Donation Campaign that we have robust tools to help you manage your Donation? Our reporting will inform you of your amount raised, how many donors have donated, and the remaining time left.


tk campaigns.jpg

To see your reports, log into you Constant Contact account and click Campaigns on the left. 





Next click on the name of your Donation Campaign to view the full details.


On this page, you can see the following:


Email Reports:


donation email reports.png



You can see how many Opens, Sends, Clicks for the email you sent out to your contacts here.


Supporters Report:


donation supporters.png


In this location you will see the information about your donors, who they are, their email address, how much they donated, when they donated, and their donation type. This is even exportable to a CSV file for easy keeping outside of your Constant Contact account.


If you would like to know the full amount you've raised and how far you are to reaching your goal, we have that for you too!  When you first open up your Donation Campaign, on the top left is that information.


donation raised.png


And directly to the right of that is the number of donors who are helping you to reach your goal:


donation donors.png


As you can see, our Donation Campaign can truly show you the full impact that your donors are making to help you and your organization reach your goals with easy to view reporting. What are you waiting for? Log in today and start a Donation Campaign and start earning those funds to support your cause!


If you have any questions, let us know!

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No Spam!



Before I started working at Constant Contact, I thought that the only thing that happened if I hit that Spam button in my Yahoo email was that I would no longer receive the email. I never knew what Spam truly meant. defines Spam as being “disruptive messages, especially commercial messages posted on a computer network or sent as e-mail”.


Did you know that if you hit Spam that it notifies the sender, or the ESP (Email Service Provider, that’s us) that this person is sending unsolicited email. In other words, email that you didn’t sign up for. Now, I know that I certainly must have signed up for some mailing lists. So when I reported it as Spam, that wasn’t exactly true of me. Now of course I know much better. I know that I should click the Unsubscribe link instead of the Spam button. Spam can be reported by hitting the Spam or Junk button within your email client. Another way is to notify the Internet Service Provider, or for us you can notify us at abuse(at)constantcontact(dot)com. You can even report it to companies that manage this on a grander scale, such as SpamCop.


Remember that hitting Spam isn’t always the best option. If you did sign up, please always click the Unsubscribe link instead. And if you’re worried about receiving spam complaints on your campaigns, check out this FAQ on how to reduce spam reports.


Any questions let us know!

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When you are in your Contacts area, you may have noticed that we have some folders for you on the left.  You may see categories/statuses that are the following: Active, No Permission Set, Awaiting Confirmation, All Contacts, Unsubscribed.  We’re going to focus on the Unsubscribed Contacts in this post.


Contact Statuses.jpg


What is a Unsubscribe anyway?  Unsubscribes are the contacts that have clicked the SafeUnsubscribe link or logo within your campaigns. These are the people that have decided that they do not wish to receive emails from you any longer. When a contact clicks the link or the logo, they are taken to a new page where they will re-enter their email address and then click to Unsubscribe. We have the contacts re-enter their email address so that they are opting out the email address that they signed up with. We have found in the past that many contacts forward their emails using their own forward button within their email client instead of our Forward to a Friend feature. When they do that, the person they forwarded to, tends to opt them out. This stops that from occurring.


When the contact has re-entered their email address and opted out, we immediately move them to the Unsubscribed Status. This is also the case if someone marks your email as Spam. Once in the Unsubscribed status, only the contact can re-add themselves to your mailing list. By moving the opted out or unsubscribed contacts to this special status, they will never accidentally become Active Contacts by you when you add more contacts.


In order to view your unsubscribed contacts, simply just click on the Unsubscribed status on the left when in Contacts. You can also export these contacts. If you’re looking to learn why your contacts are unsubscribing, check out this FAQ on Managing and Understanding Unsubscribes.


Any questions let us know!

  • reports

Now that you’ve sent a campaign, published a survey, and/or ran your Event, you may want to know what the available reporting is and how to export it. All of these reports can be found under Reporting on the left hand menu.

Reporting button.jpg


From this section, you can see all of your campaigns, how many active contacts you have, and then further down you can see each individual campaign to delve right into the reporting.


Card/Announcement Email Reporting


Click on the name of your email

This opens up the Email Stats page.

 Email Stats Reporting.jpg

Any number that is blue can be clicked on and will take you to the exportable report page

When on that specific page, you can click the Export button at the top

export button.JPG

You can do this for each of the reports you wish to export and will see this banner when you click Export


export status.JPG


If you don’t click that link, you can still click on “Contacts” > “Activity” to get to your exports

Just click Download Export File to open/save to your computer


Download Export.jpg


Event Promotion & Registration*


Click on the name of your Event Promotion & Registration

This opens by default to the Dashboard. Just click the tab for Reporting

Choose the dropdown for the report you’d like:


Event Report Options.JPG


Once you select, the report will process and then you can click “Download” to open/save to your computer. For Custom Report, you choose the content to be exported.


Event Download Reports.jpg




Click on the name of your Survey

On the right, choose to View results: Overall or Individual under “Track Your Survey Results”


Track Survey Results.jpg


Export Overall Results gives you a drop down to choose how you want to see your results


exporting survey overall.jpg


Export individual doesn’t give you an option to choose from


export survey individual.jpg


These will open directly with an overlay for you to open/save on your computer


Any questions, let us know!


Note: *Plus Campaigns


To read more, check out these helpful FAQs.


Export Newsletters and Announcements Campaign Reports

Export Survey Results

View and Download Events & Registrations Reports

Custom Reporting for Event Campaigns

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