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Setting a good first impression with your audience is key to keeping them engaged with your content. Welcome emails help take the legwork out of this initial step, so you can focus on other endeavors. Whether you set it up as a simple thank you and confirmation, include pertinent info, or offer something as part of the sign up, these automated emails are an excellent way to start your relationship with new audience members.




When creating your automated welcome email, an important element to keep in mind is whether you want this to apply to a specific list or every list. If you’re offering something specific to signees that go through a sign-up form/invitation, then you might want to stick to a specific list. If you’re wanting to have your welcome email’s contents available to all who sign up through your connected lead ads and forms, then keeping it open would be best.


Once you’ve completed your welcome email, you can publish it. It will trigger when new contacts sign up, then you’ll be able to view its reporting info - including sends, opens, and clicks. Welcome emails can also be edited and deactivated at any time. If you’ve deactivated your welcome email, you’ll need to either create a brand new one or copy the deactivated one to get it active again.


An important aspect of welcome emails is that only one can be active at any given time. If you want to have multiple automated welcome emails, with additional trigger options and setups, then check if your current plan allows you to use the full suite of automation tools!


For additional insight, learn How to Create a Winning Welcome Email💪


Now that you have a welcome email, you already have a pretty good idea of how to use our email editor, but we still want to walk you through creating and sending your first email campaign !

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