Recreation of e-mail May 2020

Thank you for trying to recreate the newsletter in the third generation format. Unfortunately, this format will not work for our purpose. The (viewing) background on a PC is way too big. The blocks are too big...almost cartoonish. Most of our clients view the newsletter on a PC. The finished product in third generation is not professional looking at all. Legacy is more crisp, and easy to a newspaper. Our company would like to keep the legacy template for our newsletters. Third generation is great for a news blast, or an announcement, but legacy gives us the look that we like, and that our clients like, as well. Please give us the choice of keeping something that is a breeze to design, and a pleasure to send out each month. Thank You! Sally Hull, Admin Asst to Jim Grant
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Status changed to: Open Questions

Hi @JimG180 thank you for sharing this feedback with us! Though the option to copy one of our older and outdated Legacy Newsletter Templates will eventually be going away as we move towards our updated Email Newsletters instead, there is no date yet. With that said, are you looking for ways to control the spacing of blocks and the outer-background of your email? How would you expect to do this? Having any feedback like this is important to have as we are always open to ways we can better our user's experience.