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The site is great, but better printing options are needed across the board. For example, our organization would like to archive our newsletters. We also like to print out several copies for distribution to those not on our email list, as a form of advertising, etc. Even saving it as a PDF does not work, as pages are cut off at awkward places. Also, the recipient reports have no easy way for exporting (Excel, etc.) or even printing. I would like to print these for our board meetings to show how well or how poorly we are doing, but these reports are a mess when printed, and I have been too embarrassed to bring them to our board meetings. So, please consider making printing / exporting of both emails and the reports more functional. Thank you!
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All kinds of AMEN to this.


My senior VP wants hard copies of all emails I sent and they are a HOT MESS to pull together to make presentable.  



Same here! I have 4 board members (out of 31) who want a hard copy. Constant Contact used to allow this, I don't understand why it's not possible now. 


Yes, please allow printing of campaigns. I have 4 board members who (amazingly) don't have email addresses and want a print copy.

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I would love a good printing option! 

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Yes! Totally agree-please allow for more print options. I like to use the emails and events as posters to share with local businesses to post but often find printing an issue. Printing in legal and a4 would be helpful too.