Set margins and page breaks for PDFs

I would like to be able to adjust the margins before downloading my ecampaign as a pdf.

Campaign Collaborator

I agree with all these needs.   Would be great if this was available for printing copies for people who need hard copies.

Campaign Contributor

Please!  I am just taking over the old style newsletter by putting it on wonder Constant Contact, and I want to show my boss the new design.  When I print it, there are no page breaks and the people who don't get an electronic version are usually not easy to please (older congregation members at our church who like an easy format).  I am copying and pasting into a Word document so there aren't columns split between pages.  This is a very important need we could use put into place soon!  Thank you.

I, too, have had issues with printing a campaign.  We have some congregants who do not use email and so we send them a printed copy of our monthly newsletter.  The second generation format was much easier to print from than the third generation.  Sometimes it takes as many as 10 iterations to find acceptable pagination and spacing for the print edition. This is very time consuming.

Marketing Legend

Yes, many older generations like to see a printed draft, in addition to a digital version so it would be nice to have a good way to show a print version to them

Campaign Contributor

Agreed.  I'd like to keep and/or print also.

Campaign Contributor

All kinds of AMEN to this.


My senior VP wants hard copies of all emails I sent and they are a HOT MESS to pull together to make presentable.  


Campaign Collaborator

Same here! I have 4 board members (out of 31) who want a hard copy. Constant Contact used to allow this, I don't understand why it's not possible now. 

Campaign Collaborator

Yes, please allow printing of campaigns. I have 4 board members who (amazingly) don't have email addresses and want a print copy.

Marketing Legend

I would love a good printing option! 


I need to export my newsletter campaign as a PDF so I can post to our web site. I've been using Word for years and Constant Contact seems very limited in what I can do. Any suggestions on exporting to PDF or some other format? I hate to keep copying to MS Word so I can create a PDF. I thought this was supposed to be easier, so far its not.

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