Search - Does not include links within images

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In being able to search the image / link used within an image for an email, you can find advertising banners much quicker. This does not work that way currently.
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Let me give you an example. I search 'tigapo' and see 2 emails come back. I see the link with the word tigapo in it, but the title of the record in there says tigapo as well. So is it searching as far as the text in the email or the links? If it is the links, I know that I have MANY more references to this that was not found. Make a list of things that are in an email. (text / image / linked text / linked images / linked buttons) and use that as the text reference in which to search. That would be 'all'. Your option of 'search all fields' is a mis-wording of what it actually is. It is not that.
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Hi @ErinBJames. In the search feature, "email content" includes the text you insert and doesn't include hyperlinks. I apologize if this caused any confusion but I will open this up for voting.

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