Black lines running through my emails


Black lines running through my emails

Hello there,


In two of my correspondences sent last week, for some users many black lines appeared throughout the entire email. For others they didn't.


Our work server is on Outlook. It seemed it was happening in Outlook and not hotmail or gmail. Can someone tell me why this would happen?


Thank you


Hello @FredS215 ,


This a known issue that Outlook has with ESP emails. Due to how sporadic the issue occurs (there appears to be no consistency in when it will show up, how often it shows up, or where in an email it will show up), and that it mainly seems to affect ESP emails, we and other companies like us are trying to work with them to figure out what the issue is. However, we are relying on Microsoft to provide a solution, which means we don't have an ETA on a fix at the moment.


The only workaround we can suggest right now is making your outer and inner backgrounds the same color, since that's the coloring / imagery that Outlook is showing in those lines. You can also include a View as Webpage link, if the issue is particularly egregious for your Outlook-using contacts.

William D
Community & Social Media Support

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