Ability to Replace Image (Similar to Documents & PDFs)

Please add the ability to replace an image in a new or previously sent campaign by uploading a new image using the same file name -- just as users are able to replace PDFs and documents.  Scrolling through the community forum and feedback section, I've seen numerous requests for this.

Brand Strategist

I agree with others about how cumbersome it is to have to create an entire new email just to replace an image. it is a waste of time compared to being able to replace images the way we can replace documents. I've been asking for this for years. It does not seem that coding should be so difficult if you already have similar coding for documents. PLEASE add this feature!!

Campaign Contributor

Is there any update on when and if we will be able to update images as we can already do with documents? 

Campaign Contributor

Will this ever be done? Since the ability is already available for documents, it is perplexing why images would be different. Can someone from CC provide an update on if this will ever be a possibility? And if not, then why?

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