Ability to Replace Image (Similar to Documents & PDFs)

Please add the ability to replace an image in a new or previously sent campaign by uploading a new image using the same file name -- just as users are able to replace PDFs and documents.  Scrolling through the community forum and feedback section, I've seen numerous requests for this.

Status changed to: Voting Open

 Hi @SusanM2719, thanks so much for the feedback! We've recently begun to hear this request more often, and so are tracking it more closely. However, we do still have a lot of other customer requested features with higher priority. I'm leaving this open for voting so others can add their voice here as well!


Agree! I have had to replace one graphic as sponsors are updated no less than 10 times in the past week. So annoying!


Need to be able to update and save current images in the library...  Cant do that with the 3rd generation editor...  


Currently, if you send out a campaign with a typo in an image, for example.  You can't make any changes to the image in the library after it goes live.  Before you could...  This is No Good!  

Brand Strategist

I agree! Definitely need this feature. Without it, I have to create a new email each time. Extremely inconvenient to have to create new email and track the additional email instead of just updated a .png. or .jpg image.



Brand Influencer

It is hard to believe that this is not done yet.  In every other program we use we are able to update an image file and keep the same location so it updates and displays the current and correct information.  Please please do this!!!!  This is vital for edits, corrections and for us to add sponsors to images to make sure it is always correct.  

Campaign Collaborator

Since this is already a feature for documents, I'd think it should be a fairly quick and easy change to the image library features. This is vital for protecting professionalism in our comms. Beyond cleaning up typos (which still matter!) integral changes after sending may require important corrections of pricing, event details, etc.& having the ability to make these changes is just as important in imagery as it is in downloadable documentation.  Please consider moving this up!

Brand Strategist

I agree with others. I have been asking for this for over two years. Being in the event business, information is always changing, and not being able to replace images is very inconvenient. I means we have to send out a new email, sometimes annoying subscribers. If it could be replaced, only those needing the most recent information could just click on the image in the email they have already received.


I know coding can be cumbersome, but this does not seem like rocket science given that PDF's and documents can currently be replaced


Hi everyone,


We're updating the status of this idea to more accurately reflect the status of the idea with our engineering team. At this time we can't guarantee a commitment to deliver on the idea, but would like to indicate some awareness that we have heard your feedback and are continuing to collect both requests along with use case examples. In the meantime if you are in need of further assistance we do recommend contacting our support directly as there is further troubleshooting steps they can try on your behalf.

Status changed to: Acknowledged
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