Ability to insert an indent for paragraphs

I'm incapable of indenting the first line of a paragraph. This simple aspect of writing should be a no-brainer possibility for account users. Especially when so much of marketing is not only content, but how the content is presented. Capability to indent and format paragraphs properly is a necessity. I'm shocked this hasn't been addressed/fixed, it's such a simple formatting requirement.

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Updating the status of this request to Under Consideration to support our new community idea statuses to add better insight to your feedback.


To summarize what’s happened with this feedback so far. We’ve made an update to our Cross Platform Editor to allow for multiple spaces to be entered. Previously, multiple spaces were stripped out. This is a great option if you are in need of a leading indent. We still have an open request internally to insert a tab and indenting multiple lines of text. At this time there aren’t any other updates on any movement on that request, but we’ll keep you posted in this thread.


Please restore the indent/tab function or at least allow the use of multiple spaces to indent text.  This has been requested since 2018 so it should be implemented already.

Campaign Contributor

need to be able to INDENT text in the body of an e-blast


Not sure how we vote, but I need this feature. Really disappointed in this editor compared to the one I used in iContact. We switched to get integration with some third party apps. It's not all onions: I love the list segmentation we can do on click to track how people respond. 

We've been asking for the ability to indent and have tabs as long as I've been using CC - at least five years.  How long does it take to add this feature???


Wow---so there's no way to indent, even now, in 2021?! I do not understand that. 


We have the ability to indent in this comment. Look: 




And the ability to code in this comment, but not in the emails we send out?


I moved from MailChimp to Constant Contact very recently and this disappoints me greatly because MailChimp has both of those options plus others. Why wouldn't Constant Contact?

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Agree - as I stated in my earlier post but it would be NICE to get a RESPONSE from Constant Contact tech people other than "we are forwarding this to our team". You can indent with a bullet so why not be able to indent without a bullet ???????????????


This is such a basic editing formatting requirement - it's not even a feature because it is a capability that is needed - BADLY!

Brand Strategist

This has been going on so long that I'm honestly looking at your competitors. This is a common function in most editors. Why do you not have it after years of your paying customers asking for it?


I'm tired of trying to explain to management that our newsletters can't look like they want because indent doesn't exist in Constant Contact. 

I do not understand why you don't have the ability to indent text. This is not some new fangled idea. Indenting is very basic. Please add this feature. Thank you

Ability to add indent to paragraphs. This is a must for designing newsletters and announcements.


Not being able to indent or change the text box size seems like such a remedial thing for an email/newsletter format. I'm beyond frustrated trying to pick columns, shrink them, just to get an indent -- and even that is too wide. EVERY time I ask a question regarding functionality I get the same response, "we're working on it. Or I'll pass that along." I noticed this issue was brought up in 2018 and I'm still having the same issue? If any one knows a trick, PLEASE share. We are marketing to customers. Our email needs to have a professional look + feel, with the option to make basic adjustments to formatting.

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