Ability to turn off In Product Support chat

This pop up is ruining our Constant Contact Experience Preventing us from completing our work.. Causing page to slow down and interupt our work

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Ironically, the only time I ever used the pop-up was to complain about it! But the agent with whom I chatted didn't even know what I was talking about.

Having this appear every single time I am working on your site is distracting and annoying. Please! Turn it off. If I need help, I will click on Help.
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Hi @DcnMikeB what chat pop-up are you seeing? Are you able to provide a screenshot of what this pop-up looks like or describe it further? Did you click on anything before it appeared? 


Reply from @DcnMikeB :

Hi Frankie,


I had been seeing it for at least a week or more. It would float up from the bottom right-hand portion of the client area asking if I would like to chat about design help? I would click no and the box would sink out of view except for the title bar of the dialog box would be visible at the bottom right. The reason I sent the feedback was because a feedback dialog box popped up unasked for. Interestingly, no pop-up/float-up dialogs have appeared since I sent my feedback. And, I had no idea that my feedback was going to appear publicly in a community.


When and if it appears again, I will take a screen capture for you. Obviously, uninvited pop-ups, especially the persistent type, are a poor design element.




I agree. There needs to be a way of preventing the chat pop-up window from appearing every time we launch Constant Contact. It is super annoying. This seems to be a relatively new feature. It needs to be eliminated asap.


Reply from @DcnMikeB 

I have attached a screen shot.

Screen Shot 2020-08-11 at 9.16.57 PM.png

Hi @DcnMikeB thank you for responding with this screenshot! I have merged your request into a larger thread focused on this experience.

For experienced users, like myself, the pop-up window offering Chat help is more annoying than helpful. How can I disable that feature?
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I don't like having to say twice that I don't want to chat.

Hello, Please change the position of chat dialog on the bottom right area. Every single time I am editing the email the small dialog always pop up and it's extremely annoying!! Although it only pop up once when you close the dialog, it's really inconvenience to use. 

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