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Hello CC support: 
I went to send out my newsletter last night, and found that "legacy templates are no longer supported; try the new editor"  Yikes!  I have a deadline to get the news out to my 8000 subscribers, and now I can't do it unless I spend some time learning a new system.  


We have been a customer of Constant Contact since 2006, at least.  It would have been good to have an email informing us of this change and giving us time to plan.   I know you have been developing a new drag and drop editor for some time, but I didn't switch over because you built a legacy template for us -- and I was happy with how it was working.  We have at least 7 ads from suppliers in the template, and none of your new templates have space for ads, as far as I can see.  


So, I started with the Basic Newsletter template last night and got half of it set up or transferred over to something that will work for us. This morning I searched and found your training videos so now maybe I can figure out how to put in the ads and move some of the blocks around or resize them.  


I'm not sure I have a question, just airing my frustration. I will be in touch if I can't figure out how to adapt our legacy template to the new Basic one in a timely manner.

Michael Neer

Association of CorelDRAW Professionals/CorelDRAWHelp News Magazine

Fresno, CA




P.S. I see in my profile that "I am new member since 1-27-2020" -- that is not the case. You must have rolled over dates on folks like us. We've been paying monthly fees since 2006. check the financial records. 

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Hi @MikeN04 thanks for sharing this feedback with us! You are correct, the ability to copy or continue working in our outdated Legacy Email Newsletter campaigns has been removed. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and would like to mention users were previously notified with both in account notifications as well as through email to the contact address on file. 


With that said we are happy to hear you were able to find articles in our Knowledge Base to help with this transition. We also have this article that specifically goes over some of the differences and similarities between the legacy editor and our current one.


If you'd like some live, one-on-one guidance and screensharing, our friendly phone support staff would be happy to assist you as you continue working in these templates. They can also collect info on what template(s) you'd like to have transposed into the current editor, or get an order written up if you'd like a wholly different, branded template created


I need guidance and support from the organization. Thanks.


Protase  Kaigalura


Hi @user798138


What kind of guidance are you looking for? We would be happy to help answer any questions you may have or help point you in the right direction of a team that can further assist.

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