Add Search Option to Campaigns

It would be extremely helpful if I could type a couple words to search for in past campaigns. Then I could easily locate the different emails we have used to market past events we are repeating. Thanks!


I also am very frustrated that I've lost the ability to search for campaigns based on what page they were on.  It is also inexcusable for you to delete emails before 2013.  We have been sending out campaigns since 2006 and lost many campaigns.  At least you could have offered us the opportunity to receive them by bulk if you were going to make them unavailable to us.

I am most disappointed in the "upgrade" and consider it a terrible "downgrade."

Campaign Contributor

AndyH16 and AnnaMaeP, I totally agree with you!!!

A search feature would be extremely helpful when trying to find an archived (deleted) campaign, instead of having to scroll thru pages and pages of old campaigns.
In the new design, is there a way to go directly to a page of campaigns without having to click on "more campaigns"? If I want to get to page 25 of my campaigns I have to click that options about 25 times. Under the old format I just selected the page I wanted to go to and I was taken directly to it. Maybe I'm missing something. Thank you!
Hello, we have been a subscriber to Constant Contact for over three years. Many times we need to reference past emails, but the display of the 'Sent' campaigns makes this very difficult without a function to filter your campaigns or search the titles. Adding this functionality would be greatly helpful and much appreciated!

I think you recently made it even more difficult to search for an archived email.  There are no longer numbered pages of emails, simply a "more" button, so even if I know the email I am looking for was sent in september of last year, I can't start an approximate number of pages back, I have to go through EVERY page until I find the email I want.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make it possible to search.  Just searching by the title or words in the title of emails sent would be a Godsend.

Can you please go back to the page number feature that enables me to easily find the emails I sent in a certain week a year ago? This new system is ridiculous.
Campaign Contributor
It's AWFUL that I have to click that button like 20+ times to get to the one I need. There should be a date filter - something. Anything.
Need to find an agent from several months ago. Too time consuming to scroll through all of our agents. Please help!
Campaign Contributor
Can't browse though list of previous "campaigns" easily anymore. None of our campaigns were/are sorted. I need to find a campaign (email) from a year and a half ago. We use to be able to scroll through and locate easily now can't. Have to click at the bottom of each over-sized list of campaigns titles by page, can't skip any. Not amused.
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