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By way of perspective, I have been using Constant Contact for 13 plus years. Most of my. issues revolve around Constant Contact's long standing dislike of anything Apple. Periodically, I will hit someting that I cannot complete in Safari - switch to Firefox and it usually works fine. If that dosenâ t work it is off to Google for which I have a strong dislike. Makes no sense - me like everbody else works on Coinstant Contact in a browser. BTW, this is when I am on either my 24â iMac or 14â MacBook Pro.Talking with Constant Contact support with a Safari issue their first suggestion is to switch to Chrome or Firefox. Can be done but shouldnâ t be necessary. Now to my REAL frustration. Constant Contactâ s Apple dislike rears it ugly head the minute I try to do anything on my 11â iPad Pro - latest version. This shows up in very basic things - cannot insert a test or image block. It just wont work. This is not only in Safari but also in Firefox, Chrome and Duck Duck Go. (Thatâ s right,I have four browsers available.) This where when we are working in browsers the lack of even basic functions defies all logic. The latest iPad Pro has more raw horsepower than most laptops on the market, so that is not an issue. I could go on and on but I think you get the trend. I might also add that I also use for some personal tasks as they provide a free level of service for my needs. On I can do anything in the process of designing and delivering an email campaign on my. iPad Pro. If nothing else, that should embarrass Constant Contact. If you would like to continue this I would look forward to doing that via a phone or Zoom Call. Thanks! Loren Berg What I said never changed anyone, what they understood did.


Hi @LorenB1013


Thanks for sharing this feedback with us! When working in Safari, what exactly happens? What in your account isn't working in this browser? Are you working in the most updated version of Safari? Testing in a different browser or even a private/incognito window is always the first troubleshooting step we suggest as there may be 3rd party add-ons that could affect how Constant Contact works in a browser. In fact here is an article from our Help Center Knowledgebase that goes over other troubleshooting steps when Constant Contact works in one browser and not another. 


As for the experience you're having on your iPad, you mentioned not being able to insert blocks. What version of iOS are you working in? What are the steps you're taking to add these blocks? What happens when you try to add a block (error messages, pink line not appearing, etc.)? Do you have the same experience working in our mobile app on your iPad?

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