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Chat blocking Upload button in the library

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PLEASE HAVE CHAT BOT TO CLOSE AND OPEN!!! This is REALLY annoying if I'm trying to upload a new image into my email. This is non-functional and blocks the button in order for me to save. Even doesn't even have this issue. This make it less efficient if I have to upload different images based on the edits and click a tiny corner of the button to avoid chat bot. It's not seamless if I can't click the save button without the option to close out chat bot. Where's the option to close the pop up chat, I want to close the pop up chat?!


Hi @GabinoA5. I wasn't able to replicate the chatbot covering that button when uploading a new image.  If I made my window smaller, then the button was covered but fixed itself when I went fullscreen or closed out of the bot. Are you viewing this page in a full window or have any zoom settings on?


There are 2 critical buttons when uploading a new image to be inserted:  UPLOAD FILES and INSERT - BOTH are located in the extreme BOTTOM-RIGHT of the editor window.  

Your chat widget blocks them BOTH. 


Gratefully, the UPLOAD FILES button is wide enough that enough of it sticks out from behind to still click it.  Unfortunately, the INSERT button does NOT stick out far enough to click, so it is rendered completely useless.  I tried resizing, scrolling, etc.... nothing fixed the problem.  Gratefully, I am not new to your interface, so I know a workaround.  What do total beginners do?


Here are 2 screenshots: 
#1 = UPLOAD FILES, still clickable
#2 = INSERT, though it LOOKS clickable, it is not.


Screenshot 2023-08-25 at 4.08.32 PM.png






Screenshot 2023-08-25 at 4.09.00 PM.png

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