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Hi there, I'm emailing with a bit of feedback for you. My organization recently signed up for a free trial with Constant Contact as a way to test out the software capability for our market. I had no idea when I signed up that I would be constantly bombarded with emails and phone calls about getting set up with a paid account. When and now IF we want to sign up for a paid account - we will contact YOU. Please stop calling and emailing the various account associated with the free trial. I also think its super inappropriate that in the phone messages, your sales people are referencing details about the email campaign that I had sent out (referencing specific dates and deadlines included in these emails). If we ever decide to sign up for an account, we would need to know that nobody else has access to the information contained in our emails however I just got a phone call where the service rep directly referenced things contained within our email campaign - super not cool to know that people have access to that info if we used your service. I get it, you're trying to sell a product, but please take our unsubscribes to your emails and failures to return calls as a sign that we DO NOT want a paid account at this time.
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Hi @AdmissionS4. Thank you for bringing this to our attention and I fully understand your concern with the sharing of campaign information in a voicemail. I'll send over your feedback to our Sales team and update your preferences so you will not be contacted by them. If you have any questions during your trial, please feel free to post them here in our Community. We would be happy to answer them! 

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