Make users confirm IN WRITING that they FULLY understand, if they use the special campaign that --

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We are a small charity,,  and had over ten YEARS worth of email signups at our website. We built an impressive mailing list from people who visited our website, and it is (was) our life blood. But we were also getting a lot of bots, which rasied our monthly cost at constant contact, and I was looking for a way to get rid of them.


Your rep on Dec 30, New Years, a terrible time to send a campaign like that, did NOT inform me that recipients of this campaign who did not click the "confirm my subscription" button would be PERMANENTLY deleted from our list, and could never be re-added, unless they signed up one-by-one again at our site. Not one person out of the 4000 we mailed clicked the button. It was New Years, and I thought we could add them back in. 


Not informing customers of this exposes CC to liability. We are not litigious, but I would like my list restored, and I'd like to weed out the bots manually this time. Here is my feedback to avoid having this happen in future and resolve liability issues:                             


Make users confirm IN WRITING that they FULLY understand that when they use this special CC campaign with a "confirm my subscription" button in the email, they understand and agree: 


1. This will forever block the emails of past signups who do not click the button to confirm.


2. Those who do not confirm may not be re-added to the list, unless they individually sign up a second time. 


3. This campaign may not be re-sent. It's a one-time only campain, and if recipients do not click, they are gone forever and may not be readded. 


I want our list restored.  



Hi @Patrick.R


Thank you for your feedback and we apologize for the experience that you have had. When turning on confirmed opt-in for new contacts or creating an opt-in campaign for existing contacts, we have a prompt explaining what to expect on your end and how contacts who do not confirm they want to receive your emails will stay in an "awaiting confirmation" status that does not allow you to contact them through your account. This prompt is put in place to protect you in the event that you do not wish to take this action. We are reviewing the conversation you had with a Compliance agent to see if this was explained to you and they will reach out with their findings.

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